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Miscellaneous Graphics & Digital Art

An assortment of visual and conceptual experiments

~ A selection of works resulting from many lost hours spent finding my way around Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema 4D ~

Top left to bottom right: ‘An interview with Alice’, a strip cartoon relating her further adventures on leaving Wonderland. UV Bass guitar, built in Cinema 4D. ‘Gem Field’, purely ornamental. ‘Zen Butterfly’, also ornamental. ‘Certainty’, acrylics/scanner/photoshop. Shining Characters created for ‘Otherwise’ website, aimed at teenagers. ‘Thud’ a journey into PSs possibilities. ‘Coming Into Being’, typography set against a background of scanned acrylics. ‘Serenity Training’, a conceptual poster. ‘Tracers’, an experiment in creating space. And ‘Punk as…’, the seven shades of a buoyant icon.

Author: Trinli

Intention: To showcase versatility